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FAQ's about Area Healers in Fargo/Moorhead


When is the publication being released?

The next issue of the printed magazine will be released on October 1st, 2018.  The deadline to reserve space for the magazine is August 20th. The directory listings online will be active upon submittal. 

How many copies will be printed?

We are starting with an initial print of 2500. We will be continuing to print during the length of the publication (three months per issue). Area Healers in Fargo/Moorhead is also a digital magazine.

Where will the publications be found?

The publications will be found in grocery stores, local merchants and at each advertiser's place of business. The publications are free to the public. 

What size is the publication?

The size will be 8.5 x 11. We are printing the cover in glossy stock and the entire publication will be in full-color. 

How long is the directory listing valid?

Each directory listing is valid for one year. This includes the $75 charge paid once. The directory listings will appear in the printed magazine, digital magazine and online directory for one year.

Is there a limit of practitioners that can be listed in each field?

No! We want to build this directory and publication to help create and build a community of holistic providers. We want to include ALL holistic providers and support each other.


Do I get a free directory listing with ad purchase?

YES! Every ad purchase including a quarter page ad, half page ad or full page ad entitles you to a free directory listing in all formats for one year.

How do you select articles to be printed?

We want everyone to be heard. We want the public to learn more about not just who we are, but what we do. We will print as many articles as space allows. We want everyone to feel free to write an article about their practice and we will publish as many as we can. If we recieve more than we can print, they will be next in line for the next issue.

What are requirements for submitting an article?

Be creative. We want to hear more about what you do and share your practice with the area. There is not a length requirement for the articles. Articles can be submitted in PDF or word formats. Please refrain from using negative language or hurtful words. We will let you know if any articles need to be edited. 

Help! I don't know how to make an ad!

Relax. We have the template sizes available for download and if you need help with the design of your ad, please let us know ASAP and we will put something together for you.

I have more questions...

Feel free to Facebook us, email us or use our contact form to get answers to any questions! We are here to help!

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